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The Perfect NetBet Nightclub

The Perfect NetBet Nightclub is one of the best places for you to hang out while you’re in Vienna. We have one of the most spacious dance floors you can ever find. Feel free to drink as much as you want since we have certified bartenders who will take care of you.

We have different areas for people going out in small groups, big groups, and alone. You can find an area just for drinking alcoholic beverages (although non-alcoholic ones are available). You can also dance your heart out with your friends with the help of our trendiest DJs.

We guarantee you that you will have the time of your life when you choose to party with us. We are a melting pot of different nationalities, and you can surely find someone who can be your friend.

On your next trip to Vienna, don’t forget to find us at the heart of the city. Bring your friends with you and we will make it a night to remember.

Tips to Stay Safe in a Night Club

Whether you are from Vienna or not, you need to observe safety while partying in a nightclub. You want to head back home or to your hotel safely. Usually, there are lots of people of different nationalities partying at the bars. You can enjoy having friends with them, but still remain safe

Go out in groups

There is always safety in numbers. When you are out with other people, it won’t be easy making you the target.

Don’t walk alone when you are already outside the premises of the clubs.

Once you are inside, you will feel comfortable with the presence of a strong security.

Keep an eye on your drinks

This is true especially for the ladies out there. Although not prevalent, it is possible that someone could put something in your drink that could put you in danger.

If you start feeling dizzy or you think you’re unconscious, it is time to stop what you’re drinking.

If you drink your regularly, you know how your body reacts to what you drink.

Drink water too

In most Norwegian bars, you will find free drinking water.

Drinking water reduces the impact of alcohol in your body, making it more difficult for you to get intoxicated.

You also don’t want to get dehydrated as it reduces your energy.

Find out how you are getting home

Make sure you know how to get home. You can also arrange for someone to pick you up at a given time.

Once you reach that time, you need to go home. When using a cab, you need to remember the plate number for security reasons.

Don’t buy or accept drugs

Although Austria somewhat has progressive laws regarding drug use, you still need to be careful when buying or using them in clubs.

It is not necessarily about getting caught, but staying mentally stable throughout the night.

Drugs and alcohol are not really a good combination.

Be vigilant

Look at your surroundings at all time. Keep an eye on people following you. Stay as close as possible to your friends. If heading out alone, be careful whom you are making friends with.

It is generally safe partying in Austria especially in reputable clubs. Just make sure you observe safety all the time.


“I am happy to have visited the club before heading back to the US. I never knew that Vienna has a vibrant night scene. I highly recommend the place for everyone who wants to have a great time with the locals.”

Michelle Craig

“I don’t know what to expect with the night scene in Vienna. I knew that people were warm and accommodating, but the locals are even better in a party place. It felt like college again. It was not that crazy, but I had a lot of fun in this place.”

Marco Rivers

“I am glad my friend invited me to this place. I am not a fan of night club especially since they are too crowded. Although the nightclub was packed when we came, it did not scare me. I was okay with the experience and I can even encourage you to give it a try.”

Markus Sturgess

“It is a perfect 10 for this nightclub. I never knew a European country with a freezing temperature at night could be this amazing. I loved every part of the experience and I am hoping for more. I am surely coming back here on my next trip.”

Vanessa Carllson