Lucky D Salon has consistently beautified brides and made their wedding day extra special for over 3 decades.
With a combined experience of over 70 years, it’s no wonder that we are the preferred salon of brides-to-be who want to shine the most on their special day.

Our salon has been featured in numerous magazines and TV shows, and has been recommended by wedding planners, celebrity brides, and is the top-of-mind service provider when it comes to styling for weddings.
Over the years, we have won several notable awards, including the Wedding Wire Awards, Bride’s Choice Awards, Bride Magazine’s Best, and the distinguished Brides.com Editor’s Choice Award.
With so many accolades received, we only strive to perform even better to stay on top of the game and keep our clients happy.

We don’t simply style you for your wedding.
Upon booking us, we will study you carefully—your facial shape and structure, body type, height, and even the dress you will wear, to give you a look that is truly you.
We customize our services and packages based on the client, and no two jobs will ever be alike. Your package will be as unique as you are!

Our award-winning services include:

  • -Hair and makeup
  • -Eyelash extensions
  • -Hair extensions
  • -Manicure and pedicure
  • -Nail art

We have other services too—check out our Services page for more details and prices!

About Us