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Wixstars Wedding Planners

Every woman envisions her dream wedding as early as when she was a little girl. She has butterflies in her stomach thinking about the man she marries who she may or may not have met yet. She imagines walking down the aisle next to her dad who sheds a tear of happiness for her while she clings on to him one last time as his little girl.

There are flowers and flower petals everywhere. The city choir and orchestra work together to create beautiful music that brings everyone to tears. She imagines all her loved ones being present and beautiful for her special day. She looks gorgeous in her tulle gown with a train that’s 6 feet long.

Everyone is emotional and blissful during the ceremony and enjoying the delicious food, fun program and overflowing drinks during the reception.

Here at Wixstars Wedding Planners, we can make your dream wedding come true. We will make sure you will not need to worry during your big day and the weeks leading up to it. We know that this day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life and, with your trust, we will make sure you’ll be able to enjoy and absorb every single detail about your wedding day.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the difference between the Month-Of Package and the On-The-Day Package?

The Month-Of Package includes 3 meetings before the wedding to help the bride and groom iron out some details or to tie some loose ends. For the On-The-Day Package, there will only be 1 meeting before the wedding day and all the details must be completed already.

Is it true that we need to provide service meals for everyone?

Some suppliers will state if a service meal or a crew meal is required. It will be shown in the contract how many meals you must provide and when.

My fiancée and I are fighting about the guest list.

I want to keep it to a maximum of 150 guests but it seems like our list just keeps going higher and higher. We’re now at 180 guests. Can I just tell the caterer to prepare food for 150 guests but prepare seats for 180 guests?

Caterers usually have an allowance of +10%. So if you will book 150 guests, caterers add a cushion for 15 persons. This, however, must not be included in your headcount as this cushion is for the inevitable, unexpected guests. We suggest that you RSVP. More likely than not, 20% of invited guests will not be able to make it to your big day

We assure you that we will help you plot out and plan your big day and that we will enforce everything previously discussed. We will make sure that everything will go according to plan by coordinating with all the suppliers and that the flow of events will go smoothly. We will help you usher your guests to their tables or direct them to the right place.

Don’t let your anxiety and your nervousness ruin your magical day. Let us help you! Make us worry and stress out about your big day so that you don’t have to!

You may visit our Services Page to find out more about our packages.

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