Uncle Huang knows that there is a difference between authentic Chinese food and Chinese-Norske food. Knowing that people are now becoming more and more adventurous with their taste buds we decided to norsk online casino bring you the best of both worlds. Our diverse menu guarantees a sumptuous feast!

We’ve been serving blissful online casino delight for over 6 years now. We opened our restaurant in 2012 and the welcome Bergen has given us casino has simply been amazing. We are more than happy to keep serving everyone their favorites and bringing in new things for everyone to try!

Norske Huang’s currently only has 1 branch in Bergen City but we’re looking to expand and open up in Bergen. Stay tuned!

About Us

Allen Huang first tried to go for the food business industry in 2003 where he had a tiny shop that exclusively served Chinese dumplings. It wasn’t a big hit at the start so he decided to offer a norsk casino delivery service within his area. He’d take his bike to personally deliver his dumpling, hot and fresh, to his customers while his wife, Mei, was at the store. His orders for delivery started piling up and he started to refuse some due to lack of manpower. People started to wonder where these dumplings came from and they sought out to look for casino where online casino his actual store was. Before he knew it, Allen had lines of customers waiting outside his store to be seated. Everyone loved how friendly Allen was and how he always knew everyone’s orders. That’s when people started calling him Uncle Huang.

When he realized casino that the tiny shop wouldn't do anymore, he norsk online casino decided to go big and open in Manhattan. Since then, people have still been lining up for those dumplings and found a couple of new dishes that they love.