“I enjoyed my experience with Pirate Club. The best part was how the rooms were tastefully decorated. I was immediately in the mood to play as soon as I saw the room. It was one of the best escape room experience I have ever had and I am surely coming back for more.”

Jade Hepburn

“This escape room was the best I have had. The scary theater room really scared the hell out of me and I thought I could not focus on doing the tasks at all. I was just glad to have come out alive. It was frightening but it is an experience I am willing to try again.”

Liza Stern

“It took us time to finish the whole task, but when we have started working well together, everything went smoothly. The key to succeed in this game is to work as a team and that was exactly what we did. It was close to the time, but we have still managed to escape.”

Jerome Gilmore

“This place is a perfect 10 for me. I loved how challenging the questions were. I also loved just how the place was setup to make it more conducive as an escape room. I immediately jumped to the game and my team also did the same thing.”

Charles McAndrews

“I was hesitant to try escape rooms before because I am claustrophobic. This place was different. It felt like home even if it was scary. At first, I panicked because everything looked creepy. Eventually, I was just focused on the game and how to win it.”

Marcus Queen

About Us

We are a group of escape room artists who have started out as fiction book writers. We have collaborated with architects and interior designers to bring our ideas to life

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