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Do you run a small business but you don’t have an actual office space to use? This is no longer a problem. If your business only has a few employees, you can just come and rent a workspace with us. We will make it easier for you to run your business and provide you with everything you need.

It might just be a small working station, but it allows you to have an actual office where you can receive clients and discuss with potential partners. It is like having an actual office since you will have dedicated phone numbers, mail delivery services, and cleaning services provided.

We also have common areas where you can just sit and relax if you are not in the mood for work. It is also a space where all other professionals in the area can come and gather. You can speak with them, share your thoughts and just make the most out of the time that you have.

For those who are working on their own, we also have desk spaces available. You will share it with other professionals, but it works best if you are working on your own anyway. You may also choose your own desk space where you can leave your stuff.

Storspelare Workspace stands by its name of allowing you to have Storspelare Workspace and ideas when you are there. You will become more productive at your job but still feel relaxed while working.


At Storspelare Workspace, our goal is not just to provide spaces for people to work. We want to have a bigger community where people share and get connected. We want everyone to feel welcomed. Hence, choosing us would be a smart move. Here are some more reasons why we would be a perfect match for you.

Wider connections

We connect people working in our office spaces. You can get to know them and we can even setup meetings for you. This allows you to widen your connections. However, you can always decline meetings if you are busy with your own work. We also have conferences and other events to make sure that you can connect with more people and share your days with like-minded individuals

Workspace choices

We have choices when it comes to workspaces. You can have an entire private room to your team. You can also have a single desk space which you can use any time you want. You may also have a common desk space that is shared with other people just like how you use one in a bar or a café

Welcome to a family

We want you to feel that you are not just at our workspace to work. We want you to be a part of a bigger family. Hence, we make sure that there are events where everyone gets the chance to know each other and learn from each other

Have lunch and be educated

You can have the opportunity to meet with certain individuals you are really interested to meet with during lunch. We can even setup a coaching session for you so that you can speak with someone who will educate you about certain topics they are an expert of

Complete office supplies

Anything you need to get your work done is available. If not, just let us know and we will provide them for you

Onsite support staff

We have staff who will be there to provide assistance. You can also ask for their help if you think that the place you chose is too loud when you have specifically chosen a quiet place

Our Services

We offer different services to make it easier for you to work while you are with us


You don’t have to go to a different location just to buy refreshments. We have a snack and coffee bar at our workspace. We also have a lunch area down the hall.

Internet service

We have a super-fast internet service available. You can do all your tasks easily with fast internet access.

Private rooms

You can opt for private room rental if you don’t want to be disturbed by others. These rooms differ in sizes so you can decide which one to rent based on the number of people in your team.

Working lunch

We have placed where you can have lunch and still continue working. We can also help set up a place where you can eat with someone whom you want to have a business meeting or a professional talk with.

Cleaning services

You don’t have to arrive in the morning and see a messy desk space or litters on the floor. Cleaning services are available.

Phone booths

Each desk and private room comes with a phone. There is also a dedicated internal number for you. If people want to call you, they can just dial the workspace number and enter your extension number.

Office supplies

Once you have rented a room or a desk space with us, you are free to use all the office supplies available. This includes our world-class printers.

Mail handling

We also receive mails and send them straight to your desk.

Common areas

You can chat with other professionals renting a workspace with us. We have common areas for people to just sit, chat and relax. We also have gaming areas for those who work best when playing and working.

Professional events

We organize professional events throughout the year. This includes seminars, webinars, conferences, professional gathering, think tanks and many others.

Front desk service

If you need any help or assistance, you can simply contact our front desk office.


You might have thoughts on how to improve our business. Let us know through the contact information found below

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